Study in Australia

Study in Australia

Studying in Australia can be extremely beneficial for career prospects. Not only known for its natural wonders and beaches but also its effective education system and outstanding colleges and universities. The universities like The University of Melbourne, Australian National University, University of Queensland, University of New South Wales, University of Sydney and Monash University are all among the top in the world university rankings published by the leading ranking agencies. Tertiary education in Australia is flexible and encompasses both higher education and vocational education and training (VET). There are over 1100 educational institutes, that offer thousands of courses. You will find a number of paths to achieve your goal if you do not sustain the eligibility requirements of your chosen course.

  • 1. Most Peaceful Country
    The Canadian government has always worked in favour of its residents, transparent with the facilities they offer, such as affordable education facilities, free healthcare, etc.
  • 2. Supports International Students
    Canada Government has always been in the limelight regarding supporting international students by taking proactive measures to execute policies and provisions benefiting students overseas. Due to this, Canada remains one of the most friendly and helpful study-abroad destinations for international students globally.
  • 3. Home to Recognised Educational Institutions
    Canada has a number of widely recognised institutions. Whether you take admission in a university or college, the standard of education is quite high. As per QS World University Rankings 2023, there are 30 Canadian universities have been ranked.
  • 4. Hub For Indian Students
    Canada has always been welcome immigrants globally. There is no discrimination or lack of opportunities for international students. In fact, Canada has introduced a number of law-enforced policies such as PGWP extension, etc. to retain intelligent students in the country. On the positive edge, since a number of Indian students are coming to Canada, it becomes quite easy for the new student to adjust in Canada.
  • 5. Retains Students After Graduation
    Canada has always tried to retain the best students in the country. The country enables overseas students to find professional opportunities there. Eventually, when a international student stays for long in this country, applying and availing for a Permanent Residence becomes easy.

Eligibility Requirements for the Canada Study Visa

To apply for the study visa, the candidate must:

  • - Be enrolled at any of the Designated Learning Institutes (DLI) in Canada.
  • - Produce the proof of the funds to pay for.
  • - The tuition fees
  • - The living charges of yourself and the other family member who come along with you.
  • - Return charges for yourself and the family member who came along with you.
  • - Follow the government protocols, and do not possess any criminal records in the past.
  • - Clear your medical examination (if required).
  • - Be able to prove to the immigration officer that you will leave Canada when your permit is expired.

Application Steps for Study Visa (Subclass 500)

  • Step 1: Before submitting your Study Visa application, you required to gather all the neccesary documents.
  • Step 2: The documents to be submitted are identity proofs, character, which represents that you have fulfilled the visa protocols.
  • Step 3: Apply for the study visa Australia.
  • Step 4: You will receive the notification of authorities after they have received your visa application.
  • Step 5: You will be notified the status of your study visa request or application.